Welcome to Lepturines of the Pacific Northwest


This page was started in 2012 as I was beginning work on my MS thesis at Oregon State University reviewing the taxonomy of the Lepturine longhorn beetle species of the PNW.  While the scope of my project shifted somewhat midway, leading me to abandon further development on this particular site, I have decided to leave it up in case it is useful to anyone in the future who may find themselves seeking PDFs of original species descriptions related to our fauna. 

Please note that some of the names represented in the taxonomy section of this page may no longer be considered valid, as the taxonomy of the world Lepturines is still being actively studied.  For example, our Leptura species are now proud members of the genus Etorofus Matsushita, 1933  (see Yves Bousquet et al., 2017). 

Feel free to contact me with questions:  phil.schapker@gmail.com (current as of 2020.) 

Works Cited: 

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